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Reset Maternity Shoot Out… FUN!

This past weekend, Jess and I had the privilege and honor to be break out speakers during the RESET CONFERENCE.

Part of our fun, was hosting a maternity badocams.com shoot out for attendees. With 10 “new friends”, we headed out to the field behind the conference center, and had a BLAST!

Many people ask “WHAT IS A SHOOT OUT”.  For Jess and I, it isn't one thing.  It's a handful of wonderful events that make it all come together.  Of course, the shooting and portfolio building that goes with it… but there is the CONNECTION that we find the most fabulous.

You get to see how your peers work… angles, their viewpoints.
You get to work together, in a non-competitive fashion, helping & guiding each other with tips & techniques.
You get to see how your peers edit, and their creative outtake on the same model… scene… lighting. It's AMAZING!
You get to walk away feeling inspired, refreshed, and energized… with new friends AND fun fabulous images in your camera.

If you haven't experience a shoot out event before, I highly suggest it… they are remarkable.

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Shoot… like a Happy Tog

Have you ever thought… “how much fun would it be to work with my fellow photographers, doing something amazing… magical… and being inspired from each other?”

If you haven't… you should!  It feels simply amazing.



In the past few years, I’ve seen an increase in negativity in our beautiful and colorful photographic industry.  From being over competitive, unfriendly, backstabbing and even a new word being birthed… the BULLY TOG.  This made my heart ache, and my “people loving” soul feel confused.  WHY CAN'T WE BE FRIENDS?! 

So the happy togs planned an event unlike any other…. instead of shooting to compete, why not shoot to MEET! So was born… our shoot outs! We just had our very first, in Chicago… and along side 25 other professional photographers in my area… we SHOT TOGETHER!  Side by side… with beautiful models and stylized scenes from a magazine… we worked together as photographic ARTISTS, not as competition.  

10006049_10153473708638623_2757574993868087615_o10258563_10153472361408623_4857170936637585140_o 10557163_10153346591112114_4689368463428699231_n IMG_20150619_204148 TracyJoy-0369 TracyJoy-0375 TracyJoy-0454 TracyJoy-0564

Think 1/4 photography workshop.  Now, you don't learn techniques, or editing skills, like you would in a full workshop…. but what you do learn & gain is observing the mentor (other artists you work with), PLUS build up a beautiful portfolio, & most of all… RE-INSPIRE yourself.  Really… they ahhh-mazing.

It was beautiful, in so many ways.  New friends were made, inspiration was shared, and at the end of the day… we all shared a glass of wine (or a moscow mule, ha!). 


I mean, what is not more glorious than having friends who share your passion… your creative inspirations… and who totally love to geek talk about camera gear. LOVE IT! 

There is enough UGLY in the world we live in, so why not spread some happy throughout it. 

BE HAPPY… it feels so much better for the soul.  Here are a few images from our event… what a fun day! 

TracyJoy-0423v2 11426805_10206907326144343_2616622146693556873_o 11536135_10207228021126638_2343329004353822885_n 11411660_10206665506577682_2967074455719904531_o 11403365_10206670002287259_2848987317144803567_n 11402384_10206953800865954_4584084775483860952_o 11402302_10206807181441672_7256248298314300804_o 11402273_10205832202343275_7514353314645950350_o 11229443_10204933317152375_5666066485478964631_o 11221925_10101572423477917_8520405802856964177_o11110510_10206724281199502_7617804120212484238_o 11055295_10205846700465719_7018937616650028367_o 10989249_900237876681140_1437201172046151072_o 10534709_10155782204715249_3777873016189565428_n 10171140_10152895275816437_7319206601121050249_n 1496519_963518630336711_4359860845612695367_o 1493393_10153476030833623_1482627382193217485_o