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The Happy Togs | Referring clients to your competition… why?!

Referring clients to your competition… why?!

Did that thought just make you jump out of your skin, with worry & anxiety?

It used to make my skin crawl… and honestly, I would book myself out beyond availability just to not have to say “no” to a client and, GASP, have them go to my competition.

Then I stopped and asked myself WHY? 
Why am I worried about my competition… and instead of fearing them, why don’t I get to know them and their work.  After that initial though played into my mind… another thought entered my brain.


Why NOT refer?

If a potential client asks for a style or vision that I do not offer or am not comfortable with…. or my overflow clients …. why NOT refer the out to professionals that I trust?  Instead of booking myself out of capacity, or making a “waiting list”… why not refer to other professionals that I trust & admire?

In my early stages of business, this thought never entered my brain.  I wanted to greedily gobble up every bit of client that I could, and build build build.  I was not thinking clearly, obviously….

THE REALITY… I have a new, & positive, frame of mind.
And I’m proud to share my photographic friends to ANY client.


1) I care about my clients… truly.   If I am unable to work with a client,  I want them to STILL GET AN AMAZING SESSION and gorgeous images to cherish for lifetime.  Therefore, I want them to go to a reputable, talented, and experience photographic artist.  Plain & simple.

2) My competition… isn’t my competition. Of course we vie for the same clients, same industry and same money, to put food on our tables an clothes on our backs… however, I firmly believe there are “enough fish in the sea”.  Honestly, if a client prefers another photographers style and work to mine… that is not a client I want.  I want people to book me for ME.

Not only can I learn & grow from the other professionals in my area… but I can also gain some truly talented, loving & amazing friends… that are there for me in my BUSINESS LIFE and also my personal life.   We form one big team of photographers… on the same page of our business and how we run our companies.

If I have learned one thing from this HAPPY TOGS experience… it is…  friends are so much more enjoyable than competition.  My life is happier with these amazing photographic friends in it…. and my business is thriving with MY OWN STYLE thanks to then.  We refer to each other if we are booked, or if a client contacts for a style that we don’t offer.

It’s a beautiful thing… that helps us all grow as business women, and human beings <3