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The Happy Togs | Monthly Archives: August 2015

Focus on the good… Unlike the bad…

Sharing this from our sister site, PROP INSANITY… great words of HAPPINESS!

In our photography industry, there are thousands and thousands of talented artists, and if you are anything like myself… I love to follow as many as I find on Facebook.  Talented, inspiring, awe inducing and creative artists that makes my heart skip a beat… then I want to see ALL they have to offer!  Photographers & Vendors alike.


However… I have found one thing, through my years at Prop Insanity, and as a professional photographer myself… some of those artists and pages I follow, have also turned something “sour” in me.  Maybe it was a photographer whose work I admire, but whose kindness to others is less than admirable.  Possibly a vendor who I saw tease another vendor because they found their pattern to be unappealing.   Bully togs, big egos, pompous attitudes, and artists who focus more on popularity then the true art they are striving to create.   They can leave us with a feeling of  “ugliness” vs. the beauty they may capture in their art.

The art they create is still awe inspiring, and makes my heart flutter… but the thing that has changed (or maybe I have just noticed) is that attitudes don’t always match the beauty they create.

For instance, I used to follow a “celebrity” photographer for many MANY years.  She had over 100,000 Facebook fans… and her work was (and still is) so stunningly beautiful it leaves me in awe. After a while, I found myself obsessed with checking it (and my feed) NOT for the art, but for the negativity she would post.  An attitude of self worth that was to the point of true self center, & abusive to others she found not as “worthy” as herself.   I found that I was not following her art as much as I was following her hostility and self infatuation.


So, I STOPPED FOLLOWING HER.  I felt guilty… I felt mean… pushing that “unlike page” button made me feel cruel.  HOWEVER, I did it for me, for my own sanity. I needed to exit that page, and remove myself from the negativity… even though her work was truly stunning.  In addition, I highly doubt she even knew that 1 fan dropped out.  I still was able to go check in her page and see her work (just not in my feed).  After a few weeks, I found there was no more interest in checking her negativity, and I felt a wee bit of weight lifted off my shoulders.  I will now check it once every few months or so.  Simply for the ART.

By removing this from my newsfeed and unfollowing, I put in more positivity to my life.

There are thousands and thousands of amazing artists out there… so choose them wisely, and select those who make you happy ALL OVER – INSIDE & OUT.


I have seen different aspects of this… whether its a bully tog, or someone who that may focus on their celebrity and their need to be “top” vs. being kind to others and respecting a newbie artist… maybe it’s an artist that I compare myself to so much, that I start to self doubt myself or feel inferior.  Either way it is, there is a way to fix this. STOP FOLLOWING THEM.

If the page has become anything but pure positivity, if it gives you any “blahs”… simply unfollow the page.  Fill you life with positives, and nothing that gives you any pessimistic or unfavorable feelings.


And with all that said… make sure to follow us on FACEBOOK.
We are a happy place… always & forever!

BE KIND, BE HAPPY, BE POSITIVE, and don’t feel guilty if you need to unfollow a page because it makes you feel any less that HAPPY <3