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The Happy Togs | Simply Actions ~ 10 Ways We Can Make Our Industry Better!

Simply Actions ~ 10 Ways We Can Make Our Industry Better!

Simply Actions wrote something that resonated with me… so after asking, and with a super excited response… we share this great article all about happiness, and YOU + PHOTOGRAPHY.


10 Ways We Can Make Our Industry Better! ~ by Reina Procee
“Some people fear for our industry. They say it's going in the toilet. They say it's over saturated… They say it's lost its professionalism and its value.

I say eat.my.shorts.

But that's somehow counter-productive seeing as that response is a little childish… So here is a better response.”

10 ways that I think will SAVE OUR INDUSTRY.
(there are 10 on the direct site Simply Actions for full article).

You can read 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… 9 & 10 on their site here:  Simply Actions… but Im going to share 3 of my favorites):

6.5. Charge pricing that is competitive in your local market. Don't undercut your colleagues, and yes they are your colleagues!! Not your competition! It's not fair to them, it's not right. It's actually kinda lame. So don't do it.

7. Stop labelling local photographers as competition. They are your colleagues. You may compete in quotes for the same job, but you are completely unique. Your style of photography is just yours, and 9 times out of 10 your client is hiring you because they click with you. That's it. They love your work but the deciding factor: do they feel like they have a rapport with you? These are things that you cannot compete with other people over. So stop. Treat your colleagues as such. Go out for brunches! And when your month is fully booked pass on the referrals!

8. Stop… And I mean it, just stop… Stop commenting on other photographers business pages with your opinions or CC of their work. Know there is a line, it's called professionalism. Don't cross it! No matter how much you feel that photographer may ask for it. Because here is the thing. Your clients might be seeing this. Again: you want them to value you, you want them to pay you money, then show them that you are a professional! Repeat after me: “no drama for this mama” (I have a fur child, it's allowed).

… now head over to their site >>> Simply Actions <<< to read the rest.  It's a great TOP 10, and worth your time… your business, and soul, will thank you.